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Kudos, Prof Tibaijuka!

19th March 2012
My Take: This what should have been done 50 years ago, when we assued Independence from Great Britain! Anyhoo, you deserve some sort of credit Prof Tibaijuka, one for seeing this problem and two, for actually attempting to correct it. Kudos!! P.S. We need each county to have its own zip code for mail delivery purpose.
Lands minister Prof Anna Tibaijuka

Lands minister Prof Anna Tibaijuka has ordered all maps of the country’s urban areas to be submitted to the ministry by December this year for approval and to enable authorities to mark in chosen street names.

The minister issued the directive in Morogoro on Saturday during graduation ceremony at Morogoro Ardhi College.

Prof Tibaijuka said most of the urban areas in Tanzania have no clear addresses, adding that street names and addresses help not only locals but foreigners to easily get to their destinations.

She said previously in Dar es Salaam city most of the streets were named after animals and rivers, adding that the same could be done now in other regions.

“Foreigners visiting our country can only say that they are heading to Morogoro, but cannot be more specific as [to where they are going] because the streets lack names. We want our streets to be like those in other countries”, said Prof Tibaijuka.

The minister also ordered the Administrative Director to work on a plan that will enable the ministry to directly employ some of the graduates from the Ardhi University so as to ensure the availability of land surveyors at the village and division level. She said such a move would help to reduce the increasing unplanned areas and land disputes.

She said that the government is in the process of identifying all unsurveyed lands which have been given to investors.

She said once the exercise is completed, they will officially write a letter to President Jakaya Kikwete to request him to take back such lands.

She said most of the investors have been taking pieces of lands without developing them, which is contrary to their contracts with the government [YUP! Government should confiscate/take all 'em land. And I suggest that you start with Agrisol Energy (T)].

Meanwhile the minister has warned that the government will be forced to revoke title deeds of owners who will not have settled any outstanding rents by May 15, this year.

Elaborating Prof Tibaijuka said the government will leave no stone unturned during the exercise, insisting that the law shall take its course.

She said the owners were provided with a three-month notice as required by the law.

“By May this year the government will take away title deeds from owners who will not have settled outstanding land rent. I would like to remind land owners to pay before the deadline”, she said.

Earlier, the Morogoro Ardhi College Principal Desderius Kimbe said that they have been able to survey a total of 7,103 plots in the region for a period of one year.

He said that Morogoro residents have already cultivated the habit of seeking professional consultation before entering into any land deals. He said most of the residents are now using surveyors from his college.

Meanwhile, the College Board Chairman, Sylvester Mpanduji said they are planning to introduce new courses and increase the number of student enrollment.

He encouraged girl students to apply. “We will also increase the number of teachers. Our aim is to produce more professionals to help reduce land conflicts and advise people on better land use”, he said.

Speaking on behalf of other graduates, Danstan Kisaka advised the government to help them to get employment [no, you create your own business, why should the government help you?].

Addressing parliament mid last year, Prof Tibajuka unveiled a plan whereby Members of Parliament and councillors will be directly involved in the signing of title deeds for plots allotted to investors as a way of mitigating conflicts resulting from rapidly intensifying demand for land.
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